Play’n GO’s Mahjong 88 Reviewed

Play’n GO is back with another grid slot, a game engine style they’ve mastered because to the popularity of games like Reactoonz, Moon Princess, and Viking Runecraft. The strategic tile game Mahjong, which has its roots in Qing dynasty China but has gained popularity throughout the world in the early 20th century, serves as inspiration for this new product. Play’n GO’s version of the ancient mind game relies more on luck than talent, despite the fact that real-life Mahjong is a game of skill.

Winning combinations on this 8×8 grid game occur when three or more identical symbols appear next to one another in either the horizontal or vertical directions. Mahjong 88 is quite similar to Play’n GO’s other grid slots, so players who are already familiar with such games will feel right at home here. Typical of the genre, it has a meter that, when completely charged, activates the Fortune Frog bonus. In addition, the Super Charge function will increase your victories by a factor of 5! During the course of the game, the seasons will change, each time bringing its own set of interesting wildlife additions.

The visual style is meant to evoke Mahjong. In keeping with the theme, the grid has tiles from the bams and dot suit as well as four different kinds of flowers and four wild symbols, one for each season: winter, autumn, summer, and spring. In this game, matching 12 or more lotus flowers will return 500 times your initial wager. You’ll also come across blank tiles that will spin to disclose a mystery symbol.

Features of Mahjong 88 (Play’n GO)

The Fortune Frog gauge rises with each victory. You can trigger the Fortune Frog feature and receive one of the following four bonuses if you collect a total of 33 symbols in a single chain reaction win (it will reset to zero if you lose before reaching 33 symbols).

Croak – a haphazard selection of symbols is made to pay out widely rather than closely spaced.

Spawn: picking a group of symbols at random to transform into another.

Any symbols that fall in between the two edges picked at random on the tongue transform into one of the other symbols.

The selected symbol destroys and transforms its neighbors at random, giving hope.

The Super Charge function activates if the meter is overcharged by 88 tiles or more. When this feature is engaged, the payout for every winning combination is increased by a factor of 5. Mahjong 88 also has changing seasons, with each season bringing its own set of wacky additions. When a losing spin occurs at random, the following will occur:

A maximum of 12 wilds will occur on the grid at random throughout the Spring season.

In addition to creating up to five wild symbols this summer, it can also wipe out any neighboring symbols.

The fall season has the potential to grant up to 11 wilds by either destroying symbols at their boundaries or turning them wild.

If you have a winning combination that includes a wild, it will remain a wild until the next spin.

From spring to summer to fall to winter and back again, each season will span anything from 25 to 99 turns. Each victory also adds to the Season Bonus, which is awarded at the beginning of each new season. The bonus rises by 10% of each won amount.

Play’n GO Mahjong 88: Final Say

This is not actual Mahjong, but rather a graphic representation of the classic tile-matching game. The end result is a slot with a drab and crowded theme, plenty of tiles that are difficult on the eyes, and a soundtrack so relaxing that you could nod off while playing. If you can get over it, you’ll find that this grid slot is on par with whatever Play’n GO has published.

You can see that Mahjong 88 offers a wide variety of optional features. However, you may win up to 5000 times your initial wager if you trigger the Super Charge feature and take advantage of its 5x multiplier.






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