Unibet Poker Review

Unibet Poker is one of the most established names in online poker, with a license from the Gibraltar Gaming Commission. Using software provided by Relax Gaming, Unibet Poker is a site geared toward recreational players, with anonymous play and minimal tournament costs.

Unibet Poker Overview

Unibet Poker is licensed by the Gibraltar Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority and is geared for casual players with a focus on entertaining gameplay, community, and education. There are low-rake tournaments and cash games to accommodate all types of players, as well as protection mechanisms that deter the majority of sharks.

Unibet Poker, a subsidiary of the Kindred Group, debuted on the Microgaming poker network in 2004. Nevertheless, in 2014 they chose to go their own way and they now operate a stand-alone poker room with software provided by Relax Gaming. It is now a poker network in its own right, as other Kindred Group gaming brands run skins into the same liquidity pool and use the same software.


Negligible rake and tournament fees

A tournament schedule centered on recreational players

Features of anonymity

HUDs and trackers are inadmissible


No fast-fold poker format

Reduced tournament payouts

Unibet Poker Welcome Bonus

After registering and placing their initial deposit, British players receive £20 in poker tickets and a £500 playthrough bonus. The currency utilized on Unibet Poker is the Euro, hence the value of the tickets is €28, which at the current conversion rate is greater than £20. The tickets consist of

Ticket to a €8 cash game

Four tournament tickets with a price tag of €5.

New players also receive four tickets to welcome freerolls worth €500.

Open to all new UK gamers aged 18 or older

Minimum deposit of £10 needed

Tournament tickets expire after 7 days and freeroll tickets after 45 days.

Cash game tickets may only be used at 2c/4c NLH tables. Cash game tickets must be played through 500 flips prior to profits being released.

£500 Unibet Poker Playthrough Bonus

Unibet provides new players with a playthrough bonus, which is instantly triggered when they make their first deposit. For British players, this incentive is worth a substantial £500 and is released in increments as rake requirements are met. While the bonus is unlocked in increments, all players should be able to unlock at least a portion of it.

The players have 60 days to complete the gameplay requirements.

Visit Unibet Poker to get the complete terms and conditions for these two promotions.

Play responsibly at all times.

More Unibet Poker Deals

Typically, there are at least two short-term deals available to both new and existing players at any given moment.

The HexaPro Daily Races are a recent example of one of these. These are leaderboards with three tiers (low stakes, medium stakes, and high stakes) and daily awards totaling €1,000 for the best-performing players. Gamers that play receive points on the leaderboard (regardless of the result). It is also important to note that you are not competing with every participant on the site, as players from Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands are not permitted to participate in leaderboard promotions.

Daily Specials at Unibet Poker

Also, there are daily specials, with each day highlighting a different game format.

Short-Stack Master on Mondays

Every Monday from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m., there is an unique short-stacked PLO cash game. The player who amasses the largest stack throughout the course of the session receives a €50 PLO cash game ticket.

Bubble Burster on Tuesdays

Many unique bubble burster events are held on Tuesdays. They have quick blinds until the prize money is awarded, at which point they become more leisurely. Several tournament victories on the same day are rewarded with additional prizes.

Wednesdays are “Crazy Wednesdays”

Wednesday is rebuy tournament day, however rebuys cost only a fifth of the original buy-in. All tournaments have micro-stakes with buy-ins between €1 and €2, ensuring a great deal of all-in action at a rapid pace.

Deepstack Legend on Thursdays

A cash game promotion at the 5c/10c No Limit Hold’em tables in which players can buy in for 500-1,500 big blinds. The player who amasses the largest stack from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. gets a €100 cash game ticket.

Fridays: Banzai Bonanza

Fridays saw the addition of a €50 table to the normal €1, €5, and €20 Banzai tables at Unibet Poker’s short stack cash game poker dojo! Between 4:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m., players also earn points for an additional Banzai leaderboard.

HexaPro Extreme on Saturdays.

Jackpot sit-and-go game offered by Unibet. The jackpot multiplier for HexaPro has been doubled from 100x to 125x for the daily promotion on Saturday.

Sundays: Stellar Sunday

As with the majority of online poker sites, Sunday is the most popular tournament day, with larger guarantees and greater participation than any other day of the week. Winners of the most important events on the schedule receive special avatars.

Winners of a few of these promotions also receive a unique avatar.

Unibet Poker’s Online Cash Games

No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are the accessible games, and since Unibet Poker is a recreationally oriented poker site, you won’t find any high buy-in games, with the largest regular tables having €2/€4 blinds and a €400 maximum buy-in. The buy-in at the tables with the smallest blinds (2c/4c) is only €2 minimum. Six-handed cash game tables.

The regular cash games have buy-ins between 50 and 100 big blinds, however the Deepstack Legend tables on Thursday evenings have buy-ins of up to 1,000 big blinds.

Entering cash games on Unibet Poker is simple; simply select the stake level you desire to play at, and the software will find you a seat. There is no method to manually choose a table, preventing bumhunting.

The only major cash game style that is absent from Unibet Poker is a fast fold version. Banzai, though, is a variety of cash games that is exclusive to Unibet Poker. (see below).

Multi-Table (MTT) Tournaments hosted by Unibet Poker

The focus of Unibet Poker’s MTTs is on recreational players as opposed to seasoned pros. Most daily tournaments have buy-ins ranging from €1 to €50, although on Sundays the €100 Supernova with a €20,000 guarantee is held with a somewhat higher entry fee. With a buy-in of €250 and a guarantee of €40,000, the monthly Supermoon is the site’s largest tournament.

In addition to slow, regular, and turbo-paced tournaments, progressive knock-out (PKO) tournaments comprise a large portion of the program. A few Pot Limit Omaha tournaments are also featured.

Fees for Unibet Poker’s multi-table tournaments range from 4-8%. Tournament fees are cheaper than at most online poker sites, and PKO fees are the lowest in the online poker industry at 4.8%.

The current Unibet Poker MTT schedule was released in late 2022 and caters to recreational players’ interests. This includes ending tournaments at a respectable hour so that participants with jobs can still get a good night’s rest, even if they advance to the later stages of a tournament. The site’s tournament team has also been creative with names; the most famous new MTT on the schedule is proudly known as the Slobberknocker.

Moreover, the satellite system is quite adaptable, as champions are rewarded tournament tickets rather than being automatically registered for the main event. If you qualify for a €25 buy-in tournament, you are not required to play in it and may enter any other €25 buy-in tournament instead. There are also flip satellites, in which the player is all-in from the beginning and must rely on luck. While though this style requires little skill, there is no raking.

Every year, Unibet hosts multiple online poker tournaments with larger-than-usual prize pools.

Unibet Poker HexaPro Tabular (Jackpot Sit & Go)

HexaPro is a 3-handed jackpot sit & go offered by Unibet Poker, in which the prize pool is determined at random and the action is rapid-fire. Depending on the size of the prize being played for, prizes can range from 1.5x to 1,000x the buy-in, and level lengths vary accordingly. There are €1, €2, €5, €10, €25, €50, and €100 buy-ins for HexaPro. You cannot choose your opponents; instead, you simply purchase your preferred game size, and the software automatically seats you after three people register. When the first card is dealt, a random draw determines the game’s prize pool, so you don’t know what you’re competing for until the tournament begins.

Unibet Poker Sit N Go Tournaments

According to the cash games lobby, certain Sit & Go tables cannot be selected; instead, players simply select a buy-in amount and are seated automatically. In order to prevent lesser players from being stalked and preyed upon, the screen names of players waiting to compete are hidden until the tournament begins. Not all sites provide the ordinary casual player with this level of security. This tool helps level the playing field for recreational poker players.

There are both 5-handed and heads-up NLH sit & go tables available at Unibet Poker. But, there are no sit-and-go tables for PLO. The range of buy-ins is €1 to €100.

Unibet Poker Banzai Tables (Short stack cash game)

Banzai is a format exclusive to Unibet Poker’s cash games. It is simply a five-handed cash game with a minimum buy-in of ten large blinds. In addition, there is an avatar-based promotion tied to the game that pays players for going all-in or calling an all-in, with the ultimate objective of creating the day’s largest stack in order to win cash. When a player goes all-in, the game’s sound effects will state “Banzai.” It goes without saying that you hear “Banzai” frequently, nearly every other hand. Banzai has three different buy-in levels, including €1, €5, and €25.

Unibet Poker Live Events

The Unibet Open, which debuted in 2007, is a well-established live event brand with a €1,100 buy-in for the main event. Parties and off-the-table activities play a significant role in Unibet Open events, which are about more than simply poker. There are often two or three Unibet Opens every year, held in locales including as Malta, Paris, and Bucharest. These tournaments are live-streamed, so if you make the final table, your family and friends can watch you compete for the title!

Unibet Poker conducts exclusive online satellites for Unibet Opens, with victors earning an admission into the main event, four nights’ hotel accommodations, cash for travel expenses, and food. Not only breakfast, but supper as well! Online Qualifiers are provided with high-quality goody bags containing hoodies, t-shirts, and caps, plus there are frequently freerolls and longer-lasting competitions to enter for additional prizes.

Unibet Poker also hosts satellites for the lesser buy-in Unibet Deepstack Open series. When there are no scheduled Unibet Opens, Unibet Poker hosts online satellites to third-party live tournaments, such as the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge and The Festival series.

Community and Representatives of Unibet Poker

As a site for recreational gamers, it is unsurprising that the community plays a vital role on Unibet Poker. The Unibet Community is a comprehensive forum where players may discuss all aspects of poker. It is controlled by the poker site’s employees, therefore it also serves as a feedback and suggestion channel.

Chip Race is an award-winning podcast hosted by Unibet Poker sponsored professionals David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney, who also host the Chip Race podcast. Their program airs approximately every two weeks, however this varies based on their hectic schedules, since they are both avid live and online gamers. Dara is also a published poker author, having co-written multiple books on satellite strategy, PKO strategy, and the GTO (game theory optimal) approach to poker. These are recognized as some of the best poker books ever published.

Lobby and Gameplay Attributes of Unibet Poker

The lobby is dim and aesthetically pleasing, with prominently displayed gameplay parts. You have simple access to all the additional information you require on gameplay, promotions, the community, live events, and gameplay statistics. Within each section, it is simple to access any available tickets for a specific game type.

The tournament lobbies are crowded with information, which can be intimidating for new players, but it’s all necessary while playing poker tournaments and simply requires a little getting used to.

The tables themselves are well-designed, with numerous optional skins that alter their appearance and color palette. There is no chat function; nevertheless, a number of emojis and other visuals can be used to communicate with other players at the tables.

Significantly, players at Unibet Poker tables can change their screen identity up to three times every day, allowing those who desire anonymity to do so. This prevents other players from mining data and identifying your game’s vulnerabilities.

A significant omission is the inability to create notes on your opponents, but this is a practical omission owing to the anonymous nature of the website, as such a tool is of little utility when players can frequently alter their screen name.

Tracking software and HUDs do not function on Unibet Poker. This is an important player safety feature, as most recreational players do not even know what a HUD is, although professional players frequently use them (where allowed) to enhance their win percentage against less knowledgeable opponents.

Unibet Poker Traffic

At peak periods, there are over one thousand concurrent cash game players on Unibet Poker, with an average of over 600 concurrent players. MTT attendance is smaller than on many other sites, with the majority of tournaments featuring fewer than 100 entrants, but there are a large number of tournaments to choose from, with many accessible for entry at all times. Sunday is the busiest day for most websites.

Unibet Poker Rake and Fees

Unibet Poker has the lowest costs in the business for MTTs. The maximum charge for standard tournaments is 8% of the buy-in, whereas the fee for the most popular format, PKO tournaments, is only 4.8%. Flip satellites are completely free.

The fee for 5-handed sit-and-go tables is 5%, whereas the fee for heads-up tables is 3%.

The rake in cash games varies according to the buy-in.

The smallest micro stakes games with 2c/4c blinds remove 2% of the pot, with a per-hand maximum of 50c.

Games with 5c/10c blinds incur a maximum 3.5% rake of €1 every hand.

Games with 15c/25c blinds impose a maximum 4.5% rake of €2 every hand.

Games with 25c/50c blinds impose a maximum 5.5% rake of €2 per hand.

Games with blinds of 0.5c/€1 and above deduct 6%, up to a maximum of €3 each hand.

Rake is reduced by 50% if there are less than four players starting a hand.

No flop, no drop – no rake when a hand is completed prior to the flip.

Our Verdict

Unibet Poker is an excellent service for recreational gamers seeking entertaining games against relatively weak opponents. It is also beneficial for those who are new to the game and are planning their first poker game. The software is user-friendly and offers the same appearance, feel, and functionality across all platforms. With a browser-based version available, there is little reason to utilize the download version.

The product selection may not be as extensive as on other websites, but it meets all the essential criteria. Tournaments are designed with the recreational player in mind, so there is no need to remain awake till the wee hours if you run deep, and there are a choice of formats to select from.

Unibet Poker is an excellent alternative for poker players of all skill levels, as it offers a wide variety of deposit methods, £20 in free poker tickets, and a £500 playthrough bonus for UK players.

It may not be suitable for all poker professionals, as there is no rakeback and tracking software/HUDs do not function. Even though these elements are not available, the softness of the games and the frequent overlays in tournaments make it a viable option for pros who do not rely on a HUD to make money.






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